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Cinematographer Milton Kam

As a cinematographer, I am most at home in material that explores the human condition and the nuanced and complex world we live in. I like to examine the best way to interpret the essence of a story, with the director as my guide. I consider myself the conduit of his or her vision, its guardian as well as its audience.


My goal is to exceed a director's expectation of how ideas can be translated into imagery, and how this can ultimately touch, confront, inspire, thrill, move, and maybe even transform the viewer.

I enjoy my long-term collaborations with experienced storytellers such as Simon Rumley, Rick Lopez, and Ela Thier, for the maturity and imagination with which they reflect on the world of their films. But I am also thrilled to embark on new relationships with experienced as well as emerging talents who inspire me and allow me to evolve in the ever-changing language of film.


I’ve been fortunate that my work has taken me to almost every continent, shooting documentaries in places as diverse as Kazakhstan, Rwanda, Japan, and Argentina; features in Great Britain, Sri Lanka, and Suriname; and television in New Zealand, Colombia, and the US.


My work as a cinematographer includes VANAJA, a rural drama set in India for which I received a 2008 Independent Spirit Awards nomination for Best Cinematography and the award for Best Cinematography at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.


My most prolific collaboration is with British director Simon Rumley, with whom I made RED WHITE & BLUE; JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT’S LAST WORD; FASHIONISTA; and the upcoming CROWHURST and ONCE UPON A TIME IN LONDON.


My credits also include television and streaming assignments such as Curiosity Stream's TITANS: THE RISE OF WALL STREET; CNN's JERUSALEM: CITY OF FAITH AND FURY; Amazon Prime’s AMERICAN PLAYBOY: THE HUGH HEFNER STORY, Netflix’s ROMAN EMPIRE - REIGN OF BLOOD, NatGeo’s AMERICAN GENIUS and The History Channel’s KINGPIN. 

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